Kind people of Ugra are invited to take part in the International humanitarian forum "Civil initiatives of the regions of the 60th parallel".

On December 9-10, within the Forum, the thematic track "Kind people", devoted to volunteering, will operate. The organizers and experts will help volunteer associations to make their work more effective, gathering a powerful team around them.

The key topic of the track is "How to change already usual approaches of volunteer associations and projects in order to achieve a greater effect and real results.
Any volunteer or voluntary association inevitably has a lot of questions in the process of work:
- "When should volunteering be treated as a system and build a clear teamwork, and when should you trust your intuition and assemble a team, understanding in advance that it is not forever?"
- "Where do you find resources for ideas and projects? When do you need a grant, and when should you turn to crowdfunding?"
- "Is a project's good reputation a multi-year effort or a well-built brand and social media outreach?"
These questions are not so much about how to help, but rather about how to do it more effectively, gathering a powerful team around you, and giving people the kindness that is in abundance, rather than ripping it from your heart.

At the Good People track, organizers will help volunteer associations feel more confident about these issues. Volunteers will rethink their usual approaches to work, and they will be able to make their activities more understandable and "tangible" both for the beneficiaries and partners and, of course, for the team. This means that the association will be able to work better, achieve more results and help even more people.

"Unlike previous educational forums, the Good People track will not branch out into separate areas of volunteering, such as environmental, social and corporate volunteering. We can see that more and more volunteers are appearing in Yugra, serious volunteer associations are growing and developing. It's time to pay attention to their systematic development: not to help them to invent new areas of work, but to keep and develop the existing ones, train them to attract new people, to find resources, etc. Also, our track is suitable for absolutely any volunteer associations, regardless of the area of activity and work experience. For this purpose we deliberately divide platforms into two sections, that everyone independently chose what is closer to him ", - Anna Kolycheva, the chief of the center of development of voluntariness notes.

The track program is divided into two meaningful modules running in parallel. The modules will respond to the needs of people new to volunteering, while remaining relevant to sustainable volunteer organizations and volunteer leaders.

Each participant will be able to choose and create their own schedule based on topics and speakers of interest to them moving between the two tracks.
Key track topics:
1) "Neighborliness: How spontaneous volunteering and community outreach transform territories."
2) "Why sustainable, systemic volunteer work is important and how to build it;
3) "Superman Syndrome: What to do about the emotional burnout of volunteers;
4) "Where and Who Needs Help in Yugra?";
5) "Pro bono, but not for nothing: when and how to apply to pro bono specialists";
6) "Fundraising: Tools for attracting resources to projects";
7) "The brand of a volunteer association: why trust is important and how it is formed by social networks.

Speakers of the track: grantwriter Egor Rafikov, known as "Captain of Grants", Galina Kanaki, founder of the charity foundation "Colors of Life", Zulfiya Minnetdinova, head of the intellectual volunteering project "ProCharity", Tatiana Nikolaeva, head of volunteering at "Old Age is Joy" charity foundation for the elderly and disabled, Efimova Lada, director of external communications at "Anton Tut Ryadom" charity foundation.
To participate in the track, you must register in advance for the desired sites on the website: