The Resource Center to Support NGOs in National Relations invites you to participate in the "Reliable partners" track

On December 9-10 the thematic track "Reliable partners", which focuses on building long-term partnerships in order to implement socially significant projects, will operate within the forum.

How to find reliable partners for your project, make new connections and build trust for joint solution of common social problems? Track "Reliable partners" will be an effective cross-national discussion platform, where the most relevant vectors of development are presented and considered, fresh ideas are proposed, development and search for ways to implement new projects, including at the international level, takes place.

The track program is divided into three thematic modules.
Each participant will be able to choose and create their own schedule based on the topics and speakers of interest to them.

The first module is devoted to the best regional practices in the sphere of interethnic relations. Invited experts and representatives of SONCOs will share their experience of implementing projects in the sphere of interethnic harmony. What social effect was produced by each project and what are its main results?

The moderator of the platform will be Yevgeniya Mikhaleva, First Deputy Chair of the Council of the Assembly of Nations of Russia, Director of the Resource Center in the Sphere of National Relations.

Speakers: Gor Manukyan, expert-analyst of ANO "Creative workshop of interethnic culture and art "Folk Style" and Elena Podaneva, head of media center TRO Youth Assembly of Peoples of Russia, author of the project "Hello, Russia". The broadcast starts at 14:00 (12:00 p.m. MSC) on YouTube.

The second and third tracks will take place on the second day of the Forum, December 10.
"Peoples of the North: preserving traditions - expanding borders! - This will be the motto of the discussion with guests from Finland and Hungary. During the track we will discuss how to implement larger and more creative projects, aimed at the preservation of culture, customs, and original way of life of the indigenous peoples in partnership with other representatives of public associations from other regions of Russia and foreign countries.

The final track is devoted to the development of public diplomacy. "What are the mechanisms of effective cooperation and how to implement an international project together?" - these and other questions will be answered by experts from different regions of the country. The participants will tell about the key results and effects of the projects in the sphere of international cooperation and discuss the ways of international public relations expansion for the most effective solution of modern problems.
Among the speakers of the track: Natalia Yadrishnikova, member of the Coordination Council of Russian Compatriots in Slovakia, Nikolai Ganushchak, chairman of the "Slovesnost" Fund, dean of the philological faculty of Surgut State Pedagogical University, Natalia Simonova, representing Nizhny Novgorod Regional Charity Public Organization "Care", Sergey Scherbakov, president of the Fund of Support of Sports "Siberian Sailing Expeditions". Moderator: Suzanna Egiyan, member of Presidium of Coordination Council of All-Russian public organization "Union of Volunteers of Russia", president of Omsk regional youth public movement "Omsk youth", member of Public Chamber of Omsk region.

To take part in the track, you must pre-register for the desired sites on the site.