The State Ugra Archive invites you to take part in the work of the "Keepers of History" thematic track within the Humanitarian Forum "Civil Initiatives of the Regions of the 60th Parallel".

December 9-10, within the 6th International Humanitarian Forum "Civil Initiatives of the Regions of the 60th Parallel", the thematic track "Keepers of History" will function, which is aimed to reveal the peculiarities of a new volunteer direction - archival volunteering.

Who are "Keepers of History"? What is the meaning of their activities? In the hands of Archive Volunteers is history, which each of us creates and each of us can help preserve it for posterity.

What is archival volunteerism? Working with archives is an important part of preserving family history. Many people have no idea that an archive is an open organization, nor do they understand where to go for information about their relative. Volunteers can help provide answers to these questions. In addition to consultations, volunteers will help the archives in digitizing documents and compiling electronic databases
Andrey Shalamov, director of the autonomous nonprofit organization "Center for Youth Development and Volunteering Support "Svoi Lyudi" will be a moderator (moderator) of the site "Keepers of History".
The discussion will discuss the first results of the introduction of volunteering in the archival industry and, most importantly, present the main areas of archival business, where volunteers can find themselves, namely:
- The Event Volunteering Standard will be presented and its features will be disclosed, themes of event archival volunteering will be suggested. Together we will learn how to organize events in the archival industry;
- interviewing is a tool, a method of obtaining information about events, people, history of a person, locality, country, industry, which eventually becomes archival first-hand information. You will learn how to prepare for the interview, what questions to ask and in what sequence to ask them, professional subtleties of interviewing;
- blogging is an activity aimed at attracting an interested audience to some resource through engaging content with a high frequency of publications. Whether it is possible in the archival business, how to implement it in the archival industry, what role blogging plays in the popularization of archival history.

Among the speakers of the platform:
Ekaterina Morozova, chief manager of educational programs of the Volunteer Mobility Center of the Association of Volunteer Centers, Moscow;
Elena Afanasyeva, Head of Channel 1 School, Moscow;
Tatyana Afonina, Head of Bloggers School, Nizhnevartovsk;
Within the session of "My Family Tree" club a seminar will be held where the participants will discuss main peculiarities of family tree development on the territory of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Ugra. The history of photography, its importance in preserving history, modern photography, working with photography in the archives, photography as a source of family history - these are the issues to be discussed at the club meeting. Nowadays with digital development photography becomes a unique source of history, in cooperation with volunteers we see a possibility to enrich Yugra archives with photo materials of the past and the most important thing of the present. The important role of photos in preserving the family history and the history of your own kin will be explained by the speakers for the volunteers. Start with yourself, put together a photo album of your family, compile your family tree, help others to preserve the history of your native land.
The meeting will result in creation of branches of the club in the municipalities of the autonomous district, formation of a pool of archival volunteers for the development and promotion of family tree in the autonomous district.

Key experts and speakers:
Elena Chernykh, member of the Russian Genealogical Society, head of the genealogy department of the regional public organization "Center of Revival "Happy Family", leading consultant of the Russian House of Genealogy, methodologist of the highest category, St. Petersburg;
Anastasia Okolot, popular family photographer, creator of brand "Photography as Heritage", coach, psychologist and business-trainer, St. Petersburg;
Lidia Mikhailovna Zavyalova, chief methodologist of the Committee "Ugra State Archives".
There will also be an intellectual game "Your Game". Teams of archival volunteers from 5 municipal districts of the Autonomous district will come to the intellectual marathon for knowledge of history of Ugra, archival business and general development. The game is aimed at consolidation of Ugra archives volunteers teams, promotion of their personal development and popularization of archival industry. The top three teams of Ugra archives volunteers will be chosen according to the results of the game.
Final stage of "Ugra archival dictation: look into the past" will start on the platform "Keepers of History". It is an educational project, which objective is popularization of archive information and increase of interest to the okrug's documentary history.

During the year archive articles, supported by authentic archive documents, were published on the official web-site of the State Ugra Archive and social networks of the district archival institutions. Test questions for the archival dictation were prepared on the basis of these articles.
We invite everyone to test their knowledge and get acquainted with interesting facts stored in archival documents. You can take the dictation online or by sending the test forms to the email of the project:
All necessary materials and links are placed on the official web-site of the State Ugra Archive, where on the main page you can see the banner "Take part in the first archive dictation".
In order to take part in the "Keepers of History" track, you should register for the desired sites at the website: in advance.