Strong Team Track
The non-profit sector is the same market as all others. The same rules and laws should apply here as for all others. The fact that you are “doing good" does not allow you to do it somehow. Business has clear criteria — either you make money or you don't. In the third sector, everything is not so obvious. It seems that you are helping people, but you need to make sure that you are helping. For those people you help, something has to change for the better. You didn't just meet with N number of people, you didn't just add so many people to the database. It just shows that you did something — that is, you can see the process. But what did you do? We need a result, a qualitative change.

It is for this purpose that the concepts of “Strategy”, “Mission”, “Brand”, “Financial planning”, “Social impact assessment” and others exist. The very ones that many non-profit organizations either do not think about, or think about as unnecessary things. In two forum days, we will figure out what each of these terms is, having come to us from the business environment, and also try to take the first steps to “growing up” a non-profit organization on our own. This track is about how to debug processes within an organization and become a truly strong team in order to solve social problems even more effectively.

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